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~ Richard Dawkins ~

~ tan┬Ěka ~

Tanka is a genre of classical Japanese poetry, a Japanese poem consisting of five lines and giving a complete picture of an event or mood.


To understand how Tanka active bracelets work we must understand the science behind it. Human skin is like a tightly woven fabric, seemingly impervious but porous at the microscopic level. Through its millions of tiny openings, the body oozes sweat and absorbs some substances applied to the skin.

For decades, this sponge-like quality has inspired the creation of cosmetic creams and pain-relieving sprays. In recent years, the development of patches such as the nicotine patch led researchers and scientist to develop similar methods that are more effective since delivery through the skin offers several advantages over pills and injections. It can ensure the steady release of medication into the patient's bloodstream over long periods, improving the efficacy of a dose. It can prevent the rapid breakdown that many drugs taken orally undergo when they pass through the digestive system.

Macromolecular Technology

Tanka utilizes cutting-edge, patented, Macromolecular Technology which is unique and unrivaled within the industry.

The patent consists of close to 100 different formulas and methods each registered separately and collectively.

The macromolecular bracelet acts as a container for the active ingredients and ensures through contact with the skin a constant, measured and precise dosing with the bracelet's timed controlled release for up to 30 days.


Tanka active bracelets are by far the simplest, painless, convenient and most effective method on the market today. The bracelets remain active for up to 30 days round the clock, a big advantage for people who hate the messy oils and creams or forget to take their pills on time.