I went for 300mg of Hemp Extract a day to wearing just the Tanka Hemp Extract bracelet and it's amazing. is amazing! You don't have to take pills or tincture in your purse, the bracelet is on your body, and it's on for 30 days. The pain in my abdomen and gastro-reflex are gone.

My husband commented "your drinking coffee? your eating breakfast? Holy *%3$!!! this is crazy you are not puking or nauseous"

Pure happiness!!!

- Kate Sullivan

Prior to trying the Tanka hemp extract bracelet, I had been using ibuprofen on a regular basis to reduce the pain in my knees and hips. My major concern was the long term damaging effects on my stomach and intestines from ingesting ibuprofen. Within 24 hours after putting the Tanka hemp extract bracelet on, I noticed that the pain was leaving my body. I am now back to exercising, enjoying golf and resuming my daily routine. And oh yes.... no more ibuprofen.

Can't say enough about this product.

- Brian Howe

After wearing the Multi Collagen+ bracelet for a couple of weeks, I noticed the ridges in my nails flattened and they are noticeably healthier, my hair is thicker and I could feel the improvement in my ligaments' flexibility.

An amazing product that I will keep on buying.

- Linda Kellock

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